51 years since Revolver!


Revolver was released in the UK 51 years ago and 3 days later in the US. The album was really successful and it’s one of my favourite albums not only by The Beatles but in general.

It definitely changed the game for them and for the music industry. It was when they really started investing in the psychedelic sound and even the cover of the album is pretty cool. It was designed by a friend of them, Klaus Voormann.

It has amazing songs and here’s the list: 


  • Taxman
  • Eleanor Rigby
  • I’m Only Sleeping
  • Love You To
  • Here, There And Everywhere
  • Yellow Submarine
  • She Said She Said


  • Good Day Sunshine
  • And Your Bird Can Sing
  • For No One
  • Doctor Robert
  • I Want To Tell You
  • Got To Get You Into My Life
  • Tomorrow Never Knows

George wrote three of these songs (Taxman, I Want To Tell You and Love You To) which isn’t that bad, remembering that it was really hard for him and Ringo to stand out a bit in the albums.

For the anniversary of the album, the Rolling Stone magazine published 15 facts about Revolver that are pretty awesome so I’m going to leave them here. It was really interesting knowing that they could’ve died electrocuted while recording it.


Revolver is still one of the greatest albums and still influences many artists and here are my favourite songs from it since I couldn’t decide which one.



Have a nice day and keep rocking!


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