49 years since Yellow Submarine


On July 17, 1968,  took place at the London Pavilion on Piccadilly Circus, the premiere of Yellow Submarine. The movie’s about Pepperland (a place under the sea protected by Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band). The land falls under a surprise attack from the evil Blue Meanies, who live in or beyond the blue mountains. It all starts like this and basically the Blue Meanies lose at the end and everything turns out fine. The story is very famous so I don’t think it’s necessary to put it all here. The Beatles loved the movie too and George even called it a classic. Ringo said that for years children would ask him “Why did you press the button?” in reference to when the cartoon Ringo inexplicably pressed the panic button in the yellow submarine, ejecting him into the Sea of Monsters. John told that his son Sean found out about his Beatle past watching the movie at a playmate’s house. He came home and asked his dad why he was a cartoon.

It’s soundtrack is iconic and I remember listening to Yellow Submarine on YouTube as a kid after searching for Love Me Do (I had to sing Love Me Do at school for Valentine’s Day that year). It got stuck on my head for a long time and I thought the song was cheerful and great for our age. 

Even though the soundtrack  album is the worst one for the critics and most people, I don’t agree with that. I don’t think any of their albums is bad neither (I’m being honest). It was a different work and surely they had lots of fun. Both the movie and it’s songs are legendary and it has many great songs too. It was another concept and I don’t think any artist or band could make the extraordinary work they did with the soundtrack for a movie starred by them in cartoons so I take off my hat for them with no shame. Here’s the full soundtrack:


  • Yellow Submarine
  • Only A Northern Song
  • All Together Now
  • Hey Bulldog!
  • It’s All Too Much
  • All You Need Is Love



  • Pepperland
  • Sea Of Time
  • Sea Of Holes
  • Sea Of Monsters
  • March Of the Meanies
  • Pepperland Laid Waste
  • Yellow Submarine In Pepperland 

All the songs from the A side were written by Lennon and McCartney except for Only A Northern Song and It’s All Too Much that are by George Harrison. The ones from the B side were written by George Martin (except for Yellow Submarine In Pepperland that is from John and Paul but was arranged by Martin).

The premiere was chaotic of course and were also present other bands like The Rolling Stones and The Who. All the boys were with their girls but Paul went alone. Jane Asher (his girlfriend at the time) said their relationship was over three days later on TV.

Yoko, John and Paul at the premiere


Finally, I’ll let here my favourite song from the movie, my favourite scene from it and the trailer, here below the single.

I’m really sorry but I couldn’t find the original version of the song on YouTube because there were only covers, so here’s Ringo singing it live.

This is one of my favourite songs from them. It’s not from the album because it’s on Revolver but it’s in the movie too.


Don’t forget it.. We all live in a yellow submarine! Yellow Submarine! Yellow Submarine!


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