Happy Birthday Ringo!


It’s Ringo’s 77th birthday! I’m glad he’s still alive even after all those struggles he’s been through. He was definitely underrated and still is. People always talk about John and Paul when asked about The Beatles and forget George and Ringo. Some people talk about George sometimes but not enough, and mostly don’t care for Ringo. It’s really unfair.

He was a very influent drummer for a lot of musicians these days and still is an inspiration for the youngest generations, also he talked about being a left handed drummer a lot too which is useful to other left handed drummers. 

I love his solo career, I don’t know why people judge it so much. I’m always hearing that he doesn’t know how to make music and that he was an unimportant Beatle and that pisses me off because he doesn’t deserve that. Probably a lot of people will only show respect for him when he’s dead, like usually happens..

I get really emotional when I see his social media posts because he says “Peace and Love” like five times in a row and uses a thousand emojis. I admire a lot his projects for Peace and it’s so important for me that he pays attention to those who suffer from post-traumatic stress and abuse. Here’s the link in case you need:


He also contributes to The Lotus Foundation .


One of my favourite Simpsons scenes was about Ringo. Apparently, Marge was a Beatlemaniac as a teenager and was in love with Ringo. She sent him a painting she made of him and he only opened it many years later and replied to her. 

Hopefully, both Ringo and Paul will still celebrate many birthdays and we all love them and I truly desire that Ringo feels loved now and always.


Happy birthday Ringo!


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