John and Paul met 60 years ago!


On this day, in the year of 1957, John and Paul met for the first time! It all started because John’s band at the time, The Quarrymen, performed  at the garden fete of St Peter’s Church, Woolton, Liverpool. 


Midway through their first set, 15-year-old Paul showed up to watch the guys play.  Paul got to talk to John after the performance by being presented by a mutual friend and tried to show a bit of his skills on the guitar to John, hoping that he could become a member of the band too.  Even though John tried to be badass and not making it easy for Paul at the moment, two weeks later they were really playing together.

Paul also taught John how to play better the guitar and they became very close, maybe because not only they had in common the passion for Rock’n’Roll as they both lost their mother (Julia was still alive but her relationship with John was really hard and he felt abandoned). 

In the movie Nowhere Boy (a movie about John before the Beatles and until his moving to Hamburg) there’s a scene representing this iconic meeting between the boys and those guitar lessons. The movie’s great! I watched 5 times or something already.


Today I wonder a lot about how different things could be if this meeting didn’t happen. If Paul didn’t go to John and tried his luck, if something happened and one of them couldn’t be there, if the party got canceled for some reason, if they didn’t get along.. So many ifs, so many different paths. Maybe they would meet later in other situation and in such a different way but things wouldn’t be the same, I believe. I think they really needed each other’s support at the moment. And by the way, Paul presented George to John and the rest of the group, and convinced him to listen to George and give him a chance. And he was given it. Maybe things really are how they’re supposed to be.

Anyway, thank God they met, thank God John had the crazy idea of starting a Rock’n’Roll band out of nowhere and thank God they were invited to play at that party as also many other things Beatlemaniacs are thankful for.  Paul and John became one of the best partnerships ever and wrote more than a hundred of songs (successful songs) together and both are recognized globally as two of the best musicians the world saw (same for George and Ringo, of course). 

(McLennon couldn’t miss)

Have a nice day!



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