#Day 30 – a song that I haven’t listened to in awhile


Boys was one of the first songs I downloaded by The Beatles so it brings me a lot of nostalgia. I remember it was also the first song I heard with Ringo singing and I loved his voice. I think his voice was underrated. Maybe he has always been underrated in general. I also love to see him playing the drums while singing it live. The song isn’t originally theirs but I prefer their version (sorry!).

I like the lyrics even though they’re kind of simple. This song is easy to sing along to and I think it reflects the early Beatles style.

I been told when a boy kiss a girl,
Take a trip around the world

I never thought much about this but even though I’m not a boy and never kissed anyone (it kind of sucks being 16 and never been kissed  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) I think it means that when we kiss someone it’s like we feel super happy or a change in how we see the world or something. I honestly have no idea yet.


  • This was originally recorded by The Shirelles, a popular female vocal quartet who were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996. John was a big fan of them.
  • Pete Best sang lead on this during live appearances, until he was fired and replaced by Ringo. The song served Ringo well: he often performed it in his post-Beatles career, including on the CBS special The Beatles: The Night That Changed America, which aired on February 9, 2014 in honor of the 50th anniversary of the group’s famous Ed Sullivan Show appearance.
  • Although the lyrics talk specifically about boys kissing girls, not each other, the issue of gender-flipped confusion did come up. Paul told Rolling Stone in 2005, “If you think about it, here’s us doing a song and it was really a girls’ song… Or it was a gay song. But we never even listened. It’s just a great song. I think that’s one of the things about youth – you just don’t give a s–t. I love the innocence of those days.”
  • At the 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Ringo and Green Day – who were each inducted at the event – took the stage to perform a rousing rendition of this song.
  • There aren’t any more versions of this song.




It was the last day of the 30 Day Song Challenge.. Maybe someday I’ll do one only with their solo songs because I’ve been thinking about it a lot. It would be great.

Have a nice day!


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