Creating a Blog..

BEATLES - 1965

My name is Bianca and currently I’m 16 and I don’t feel okay at all.

So the reason I created this blog (that probably no one will read) is that I love the Beatles and I have nothing better to do, even though I should be studying history right now.

I pretend to write daily but maybe there will be days when that won’t be possible because of school and other stuff. Or maybe I will be busy listening to the boys instead of writing.

One of the main reasons why I think it must be cool to keep a blog is that I can read everything when I’m older, just like a virtual diary. Maybe 30 years from now I’ll read something saying that I was sad so I listened to Hey Jude and made it better, and I think it will be nice. It can also be my hiding place since I really need one.. I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure because of a lot of things (school, family, self doubt, etc) and I don’t know if I can get through it sometimes. I just need to put everything in here since I have no one to talk to, either because they really don’t care or because I don’t want to be a burden for them with my stupid fears.

Anyway, I’m only sure that even if nobody reads what I write, I’ll keep on doing it and loving  the Beatles. They’re with me eight days a week, helping me get through stuff and saving me!


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